Josie Price

Josie brings a wealth of experience to R Marine Perth, having transitioned from a thriving career in real estate sales and property management in June 2023. Her passion for boating perfectly aligns with R Marine’s focus, and she’s excited to contribute her skills and knowledge to the team.

Beyond her professional background, Josie maintains an active lifestyle. She enjoys participating in running clubs and events, hitting the gym for regular sessions, and practicing pilates. Previously, she even played touch football. This dedication to fitness extends to her family, as she’s happily married with two adult children who share her values of personal well-being and professional excellence.

Josie’s time at R Marine Perth has been a positive experience. She’s enjoyed getting to know the wonderful clients, both new and returning. She has a talent for curating memorable events, and thrives in the company’s vibrant atmosphere. Looking ahead, Josie is eager to continue nurturing business relationships and achieving success alongside the Perth team.