Riviera owner Rodney Longhurst applauds and praises his team in a year of challenges and achievement

The dedicated and passionate Riviera team marked the past year with a lunchtime Christmas celebration at the company’s facility in early December.

Owner Rodney Longhurst stood to applaud and praise the efforts of the entire 900-strong team.

“Throughout the challenges we faced together during this year, I have truly admired your can-do attitude, and your commitment to moving forward together,” he told the team.

“When we attend boat shows around the world, it’s like our World Cup and we are showcasing motor yachts that all of you played a part in creating. We are the Aussie battler, standing tall beside the best in the world.

Our passion for creating world-class motor yachts has never been stronger and I thank each and every one of you for your great efforts this year.”

Following the team celebration, Rodney reflected on the year 2022.

“If anyone ever doubted we are a family, they simply need to look at what has been achieved by the great people at Riviera. I am so impressed by the incredible efforts, and the amazing achievements every day.

“Like most businesses around the world we’ve had supply-chain delays and operational challenges. And our team simply gets on with it.

“Our enormous investment in expansion of our facility to complement our team’s performance and to enhance our production capabilities is almost complete.

“During the year we launched our flagship 78 Motor Yacht – the largest ever built by Riviera, together with the 4600 Sport Yacht Platinum Edition, 465 SUV and the 46 Sports Motor Yacht.

“We are always delighted when we see and hear about the adventures of our Riviera owners as they take their yachts to explore some of the most fascinating and beautiful waterways of the world. From Roche Harbour in the Pacific Northwest to the Bahamas in the Caribbean, Hauraki Gulf in Auckland in New Zealand and Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, the Riviera family is enjoying a very special bond.

“In May we again hosted the Riviera Festival of Boating during the Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show on Queensland’s Gold Coast. Our Festival of boating education and social events brought the Riviera family together to enhance their skills and further their enjoyment of boating.

“The year 2022 has been a significant milestone for Wes and me personally. It marks 10 years of evolution and constant improvement.

“Together with our senior team we embarked on a transformation that has seen the launch of three new collections – SUV, Sports Motor Yacht and Motor Yacht – and the refinement of the incredibly popular Sport Yacht collection.

“Our team has also grown, now standing at more than 900 from just 600 two years ago. Today more than 100 apprentices are being trained across the full spectrum of skills and crafts, from boatbuilding, engineering and electrical to timber and composite machinists and upholstery. This year a record number of 45 apprentices joined our training program, including 10 mature-aged trainees.

“Riviera’s apprentice training program was recognised on the international stage in November, jointly winning the ‘Best Apprenticeship or Training Scheme’ category at the prestigious Boat Builder Awards held in Amsterdam.

“Our expanded CAD, CNC and laser cutting technology is assisting our team’s productivity greatly.

“Beyond infrastructure expansion, technology has also been advanced to further enhance quality and consistency in yacht builds. Five of our seven production lines are now utilising resin infusion to create stronger and lighter weight components.

“This year our team has delivered more than 150 yachts to excited owners.

Rodney Longhurst concluded: “We are driven by a desire to continually advance the design and luxury of today’s Riviera motor yachts resulting in simply the best motor yachts ever produced by Riviera.

“I sincerely thank our owners for their extraordinary support. They continue to inspire us every day.”

Riviera Owner Rodney Longhurst speaks to the team at the 2022 Christmas Party

The Riviera team continues to grow each year

The new Riviera flagship, the magnificent 78 Motor Yacht was premiered in 2022

The superb Riviera 4600 Sport Yacht Platinum Edition was premiered in 2022

The latest model in the SUV collection, the 465 SUV was premiered in 2022

The exceptional 46 Sports Motor Yacht was premiered in early December

Resin infusion allows the creation of stronger and lighter weight components

Laser cutting technology is now being used for its superior accuracy

Commissioned this year, the new lamination centre has enhanced productivity

A new world class marina has been constructed in 2022 at the Coomera facility

3D CAD design drives the precision behind CNC machining

Existing facilities have been raised and lengthened to allow for the building of larger yachts

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