Riviera expands to meet demand

Australia’s largest luxury motor yacht builder, Riviera, is expanding its 14-hectare production facility to meet international and domestic demand and the company’s growing number of new motor yacht models.

The multimillion-dollar new development works currently under way include extension of the factory’s final fitout capability by increasing the facility’s volume by more than 20 per cent.

Once this stage of the expansion program is completed, the works will allow Riviera to bring the majority of its final fitout under one roof, further enhancing quality, lead times and annual volume.

Over the past year, the company produced more than 100 motor yachts from across the 20-model range, more than half of which have been exported. These latest works will expand capacity as further new additions to Riviera’s model range are released.

Forty years of evolution are expressed in Riviera’s growing range of Flybridge, SUV and Sport Yacht range, and more recently the addition of the larger Sports Motor Yacht collection.

Riviera’s flagship Sports Motor Yacht design was launched in 2018 and the company in June this year celebrated a milestone with the completion of the magnificent Alberlee, Hull 20 of the Riviera 72 Sports Motor Yacht for a new owner in Western Australia.

The current facility expansion also includes a new location for Riviera’s New Model Development team of over 35 craftspeople and 13 designers, engineers, naval architects, draftsmen and master boatbuilders, bringing them together in a large and dedicated facility.

“These latest development works represent a substantial investment in meeting the needs of our yacht owners,” said Riviera owner Rodney Longhurst.

“Our current expansion program allows us to further enhance the design and luxury of today’s Riviera motor yachts and prepare for our future demand as exceptional new models are introduced to the Riviera model line-up.”

Riviera’s 14-hectare state-of-the-art production facility on the Gold Coast is the largest of its kind in the southern hemisphere.
Work under way on the multimillion-dollar expansion.
The final fitout facility is increasing in volume by more than 20 per cent.
Upon completion, the final fitout facility will accommodate more and larger motor yachts.

New model launches

Along with the recent milestone of the 72 and 68 SMY models, Riviera this year has so far launched two new models, including the 505 SUV and the 64 Sports Motor Yacht, now on her world premiere tour of Australia, New Zealand and the United States. These follow the launch last year of the 545 SUV, the 54 Enclosed Flybridge and the three models in the Platinum Edition Sport Yachts, the 4800, 5400 and 6000.

“In coming months, we have further new model premieres and announcements to share that will see our 39 to 72-foot model range further expand,” said Mr Longhurst.

To coincide with this demand, Riviera has also invested in a 100-tonne marine transporter to strengthen on-site logistics by aiding the speed and movement of particularly larger motor yachts around the 15ha site. The Marine Travelift TM 100 is a low-loader that can easily move around and within buildings and is operated via a pod-style remote control.

Demand and desirability for Riviera motor yachts has grown considerably as inspiring design has created a new realm of boating luxury, whilst technological advances have made Riviera ownership, yacht operation and handling even easier.

“Riviera’s 40th year of evolution is seeing continued advances in technology that have been married with innovative designs across our Flybridge, Sport Yacht, SUV and Sports Motor Yacht collection that have resulted in simply the best motor yachts ever produced by Riviera,” said Mr Longhurst.

International and domestic demand for Riviera luxury motor yachts from 39 to 72 feet is growing.

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