Riviera has always shown a stong commitment to supporting its boat owners with programs such as 24-hour on-water assistance, Experience events, and boat show hospitality.

With Riviera's $3.6 million Aftermarket and Service centre, that commitment takes another bold step forward and completes the loop on the Riviera experience by offering boat owners a full on-site customisation, servicing, refurbishing and maintenance service.

The massive Riviera Aftermarket and Service Centre comprises 1,450 square metres of floorspace at the company’s headquarters in Coomera, south-east Queensland.

All Aftermarket staff are experienced and Riviera-trained, and can call on the services and resources offered by Riviera's huge production workforce.

The Aftermarket and Service facility offers a full range of services – from custom installation such as game fishing equipment, electronic installations and upgrades, full interior refurbishment and fit-out, exterior upgrades such as awnings, boat maintenance, as well as painting and antifoul.

It is also a centre for a number of other Riviera business units.

* R Electronics provides a full installation and upgrade service
* R Interiors offers interior and soft furnishing additions, upgrades and refurbishment.

Craft Coverings also operates a full exterior awning and furniture covering service from the Centre.

waterfront Aftermarket and Service building can accommodate up to six boats under cover. A further 2,500 square metres of hard stand can take six more boats.

A second building includes two separated bays for two-pack spray painting and antifouling – designed to prevent cross-contamination between boats.

The centre also boats a 75-tonne mobile boat travel-lift capable of handling vessels up to around 26 metres and 6.5 metres in beam.

More than $250,000 has been spent on water efficiency in the new facility, including a state-of-the-art water treatment plant which recycles 99 per cent of the water used. There are also massive underground water storage tanks and rainwater diversion systems to harvest run-off from the large roofed areas.


R Aftermarket | Service Centre
50 Waterway Drive
Coomera QLD 4209

Telephone: +61 7 5573 1288
Email: aftermarket@riviera.com.au

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